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    Malik Nadeem Kamran Minister Planning & Development, Punjab

    Today Punjab, being at the center of economic activities, is the epitome of the continuous efforts of its people and Government to reach high standards in infrastructure, education, healthcare and governance.

    Government of the Punjab has initiated numerous development programs to foster economic growth and development in the province. There is a need for enhanced policy dialogue between academia, government and private sector that sets guiding principles for sustainable economic growth and equity.

    Punjab Economic Forum will engage academia, experts, practitioners and private sector to start policy dialogues and discussions to achieve objective of Punjab Growth Strategy.

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    Mohammad Jehanzeb Khan Chairman, Planning and Development Board, Punjab

    Punjab Economic Forum offers a unique platform for promoting discourse on growth and development priorities in the province. It will help in highlighting key issues, engage policy makers in dialogue, and ensure outcomes in form of policy proposals and recommendations.

    Punjab Economic Forum is a step towards Government’s efforts to create a positive vibe through multiparty dialogue that would unite all the stakeholders on one platform aiming towards collective wisdom. Creating a unified plan and roadmap towards collective improvement would be invaluable for progress and for the encouragement of new ideas, incorporation of global trends and best practices.

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    Iftikhar Ali Sahoo Secretary, Planning and Development Department, Punjab

    In the coming years, Punjab needs to grow at 8% per annum to provide jobs to nearly 1 million people entering the workforce every year. Planning & Development Department remains committed to vision of the Government of the Punjab ensuring public sector investments that trickle down economic growth for everyone.

    Punjab Economic Forum is expected to bring together senior economists and experts from international and national development agencies. Through this Forum, we hope to highlight key issues, find their solution and create long-term partnerships for Punjab.

    It is imperative to point out that the results achieved in PEF will help us pave the way for a better future for the people of Punjab and also Pakistan.

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    Dr. Mumtaz Anwar Chaudhry Director PERI

    Punjab province along with the rest of Pakistan is facing multiple issues such as the energy crises, rising unemployment, security threats, increased competition in markets and etc.The Government’s focus over the last few years has been on accelerating domestic and foreign investment in the country, increasing development expenditure, export promotion, facilitating private sector investment,generating employment opportunities, restructuring of public sector corporations and expansion of social safety network and last but not the least, solving the energy issue on a war footing.

    Experts in Punjab Economic Forum will assess the overall economic situation of Punjab, review the provincial drivers of growth and propose policy recommendations. PERI, being a dynamic and vibrant research institute, will take on these themes ahead in the future. The recommendations made in Punjab Economic Forum will crystalize into analytical inputs for formulation of forward looking provincial development strategies.

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    Dr. Nasir Javed Chief Executive Officer, The Urban Unit

    Punjab's urbanization is fundamentally reshaping our social and economic relationships. It is not just altering the interplay of variables, but has also impacted various macroeconomic variables that are structurally changing the economy. High consumption rates are putting pressure on balance of payments, low commodity prices globally have resulted in difficult times for agriculture resulting in migrations, improving security and political stability is attracting businesses and global economic slowdown has its own affects on smaller economies like Pakistan.

    These international variables combined with these structural changes needs to be understood, analyzed and then recommendations are to be made part of public policy. Punjab Economic Forum is a one step in this direction, where all three key stake holders of the economy, Government, Academia and Private Sector will sit together and deliberate on key themes that are affecting our economy. Our efforts today, will bring economic prosperity and development for our future generations. We all have the same goal in mind, the key is to work together to fulfill that goal.