Key Discussion Themes

Industrial and Urban Development

The vision of the present government, as enunciated in the Punjab Growth Strategy, is to make Punjab as secure, economically vibrant, industrialized and knowledge based province. Change has been at the center of characteristics that define the developed economies of the west or newly industrialized economies of east. In order to get on track of economic growth and development, it is important to form synergies between industrial and urban development strategies. Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 9 emphasizes on building resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive industrialization, especially the manufacturing is the main driver of economic growth and would be discussed in the Punjab Economic Forum as a separate theme.

The process of industrialization tends to initiate and multiply urbanization process. Punjab is already experiencing rapid transition towards urbanization. The urban centres are considered as pathways towards progress and prosperity. They provide the critical mass for industrial and economic growth capitalizing on agglomerations and densities and creating a system of cities. According to preliminary estimates, Punjab’s cities and towns contribute at least 35 percent to national GDP, 58 percent to Punjab’s GDP and 62 percent to national urban GDP. Punjab urban centres further hold huge growth potential in manufacturing and services sectors given the process of urbanization is managed in proper and systematic manner. Without integrated development of cities, the fruition of industrialization may not be achieved. Technical session 5 would focus on Industrial and Urban Development with respect to structural and institutional changes relating to industrial and urban development required for spurring economic growth.

The session would mainly focus on the institutional bottlenecks experienced by manufacturing sector in Punjab and suggest suitable policy options for the Government. This may help to review some of the policy options described in the Punjab Growth Strategy.